Connecticut Witch Trial Exoneration Project

Seeking Volunteers to Develop Plans to Memorialize the Victims of the Connecticut Witch Trials
Legislators and supporters of HJ34 celebrate the resolution's adoption on May 25, 2023 at the Connecticut State Capitol.

House Joint Resolution 34, Resolution Concerning Certain Witchcraft Convictions in Colonial Connecticut passed on May 25, 2023

End Witch Hunts used education to raise awareness of the need to exonerate those accused of witchcraft in colonial Connecticut. Through our social media channels and interviews with the media, we have educated the public about the history of witch trials in the Connecticut and New Haven colonies. Connecticut Witch Trial Exoneration Project helped to clear the names of those charged with witchcraft in colonial Connecticut and receive an apology to all accused.

Now we continue to work for memorials to the victims and education of residents and visitors about the witch trials. For more information, please visit and join our Discord server to participate in conversation and find volunteer opportunities.