Our Values

End Witch Hunts facilitates education on witch-hunts of the past and the present, in order to advance the elimination of witch-hunting by touching minds and influencing changes in thinking and behavior.

Our vision is a world without witch-hunts of any kind. From scapegoating to literally hunting and killing those suspected of witchcraft or sorcery, witch-hunts have no place in a world where everyone is equal and has the same level of human dignity.

Ultimately, changes in thinking and behavior are the responsibility of each individual. However, education has a critical influence that helps to initiate changes. We promote education through our podcast, social media, and traditional media. In addition to educating on the facts of the witch-hunts, we seek the deep lessons we can all learn from these events.

Our goals are to enable all people everywhere to enjoy freedom from witch-hunts, to facilitate justice and memorialization for victims, and to foster research, public education, and awareness of the dangers of witch-hunting behaviors.

To achieve our goals, we partner with organizations, such as historical societies, libraries, museums, and schools, to spread the lessons we learn from researching witch-hunts and understanding the roots of witch-hunting behaviors. We also produce Thou Shalt Not Suffer: The Witch Trial Podcast, create videos, and provide online resources for learning about witch-hunts.